Kodi Streaming Athorization Pair Solution

Probably most of the movie lovers may be used to watch their favorite movies on their Kodi through the different add-ons such as covenant, Exodus, etc. From that different Kodi add-ons while trying to watch a movie the addon will deliver a pop up i.e, “openload stream authorization” we can also call olpair. Have you ever noticed that? If you get that notice you have to use the pairing server. The server name is “Openload”.

If you use this server you might have got error problem which is provided by This article will most helpful to you in preventing the error openload stream authorization provided by https // /pair. Now you must read this article to prevent your olpair Kodi error.

Note: They changed URL to So, and both are same servers. you can simple pair your device using any one url from that 2 websites.

What Is https:// /pair kodi Error

Just imagine that what I am going to say now. When you are watching your favorite videos on your Kodi and suddenly your video getting some interruptions to you is it good to imagine? no! this kind of interruptions on your openload server is called an error. This error will disrupt you while you are watching your favorite videos. Now we are going to learn about why do we get this error and is it safe to use,…etc

Actually, the olpair will get the pop up’s in various ways. But we can solve them by using three main solutions and now we are giving them from the below lines and their names are as 1) STREAM AUTHORIZATION METHOD, 2) HOSTERS WITH CAPTCHAS, 3) URL RESOLVER METHOD.

These are the methods which can solve the pop-up issues on your Kodi software. So after following the below three methods or whatever which you need will solve your issue. So don’t worry and be patient.

How To Fix Olpair Not Working Issue?

There are three methods to fix this olpair not working issue. If you’re facing this not working issue you need to try the below mentioned methods from them you can use any of them which is suitable to your device.

Fix & Stream Authorization Error on Kodi 17 & 18

Now I am going to share my thoughts on how to fix stream authorization error on kodi 17& 18. If you are using the Kodi 17 &18 versions then these steps are for you only. Use the below steps and enjoy all your favorite videos without any disturbances. The steps are as follows.

(Warning: Make sure, Your “Kodi” using Device and you opening device to pair with Olpair.commust and should be connected to the same “Internet Connection” or same wifi network). Once you connected then start below method.

1) If you trying to Watch a Movie on your Kodi through your Favourite Add-on, it will show you a pop-up and that will take several seconds to “open” or to “load all the servers”

2). After few seconds the list of servers will appear on your add-on (for ex: Exodus). There you can select OPENLOAD pair Server.

3). After you have selected the OPENLOAD  you would get an error like Stream Authorization needed (Ex: below Image).

4). So you have to get “Stream Authorization” here to prevent this error. So let’s follow the below link and get it

5).To get that stream authorization you have to go to this link  “”

6). From that link, you will get your IP address and click on the “I am Not A Robot”

7). After this, the captcha will appear and you have to solve that captcha then you can Select “PAIR”. Just see the above picture to understand easily.


8). After solving the captcha you will get pairing successful message. Now you can enjoy this Service up to four hours. After four hours you have to pair your IP address again with openload.

Note: You must use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) IP Vanish Service it stops Openload pop-up and automatically changes your IP address, so you no need to pair for every 4 hours:).

These steps will let you watch all your favorite videos on your Kodi 17 & 18 through your favorite add-on without interruptions or any error. So I strongly recommend you use this method for watching videos.

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Another Method For Fix [Hosters with captchas]

If you are getting trouble while using the first method that we have said above. You can use an alternate method to that which we are going to tell you now. Then why late just bend your eyes down and read them carefully then follow them as it is.

  1. The first thing you have to do is open your Kodi > go to add on> select video add ons
  2. Now click on famous exodus (your wish) Add-on and select Settings
  3. After selecting the settings options you have to go to Playback
  4. Now you may see Hosters with captchas option. Mostly it is turned on but you must do turn off it
  5. Finally, select OK

The above steps are alternative steps to the previously discussed steps. If you facing any problems with the previous method then it’s better to use this method.But follow the as it is steps. If you will not follow proper steps either from the first method or from the second method we cant do anything. So follow the correct procedure to fix olpair Kodi stream authorization error on kodi 17.

How To Disable https://Olpair com Fix Error From Kodi By Using URL Resolver

This is the third solution to fix the olpair error on your Kodi. Sometimes you may get the error which says this video will not open until you resolve your URL issues. So we are giving the solution for it you can use this soulution and enjoy however you want.

  1. Go to “Settings”> Select “System SETTINGS”> Change the “SETTINGS MODE” to “EXPERT MODE”
  2. Select “Add-ons”> Select Manage Dependency from the right pane
  3. Choose “URL RESOLVER”> Select “Configure” Which lies on “INFORMATION PAGE”
  4. Now check “RESOLVERS List” for “OLPAIR.COM”
  5. Disable the “OLPAIR.COM RESOLVER” finally Select “OK” to confirm

Now your olpair has disabled all hosters, If you search again for the streaming link, you will not see or openload pair in your Kodi after following URL resolver method on Kodi for ol pair.

Why Do We Get Olpair and Stream Authorization Error?

The kodi users have been increasing rapidly. The kodi also trying to give its service to the users as they want through their different add-ons for example exodus. While watching the videos the users are getting interruptions suddenly in the middle of the video this is happening only because of the huge following of audience. To prevent this error, hold the present audience and to attract the new audience the olpair stream authorization has introduced.

To use this service you have to pair your IP address with You can stream your favorite videos up to four hours without getting any error. After four hours your IP will lose its pairingconnection with openload. Then you have to pair your IP address again with your openload pair after four hours. If you follow the above process you can prevent your https // kodi stream authorization error.

Is https // /pair Safe To Use

Actually, the Olpair isn’t safe to use. We all know about Kodi. This uses all the materials which had copyright. Such as movies, tv shows, and all other channels. So you have no chance to use this Kodi to watch some of your favorite shows and videos through the different add-ons.

If you try to watch that videos on your Kodi that region government will track your IP address and send you some legal notices, finally they will block your all data. So we highly recommend using IP vanish VPN to protect yourself from legal and copyright notices. If you using this VPN source you can enjoy all your favorite videos secretly even which are having copyrights.

Best Advantage Of VPN Service: The IP vanish can change your device’s IP address and it will deliver all kind of videos without any time restrictions. But you have to pay some money to get this service.

Is Olpair Better To Pairing? or Block ? from Kodi?

Well, This is the best question, I must say better to pair our device with olpair because it contains a lot of movies stuff and updating latest movies and tv shows. So, why we need to block this from Kodi?.

In each and every addon you can see this server, means it has the huge amount of data and it continuously updating their sites with new content. So, I suggest you pair your device instead of blocking from Kodi. We just need to open that URL then click on one option. I think it not a lengthy process. if still don’t know then go with this article to understand the quick way to pair.

If you would like to block this open load server of then you will miss lot’s of free movies and tv shows content. It’ is providing all videos completely free.

Best Olpair kodi Review By Kodi Developer

In nowadays every Kodi users are attracting to this service because most of the visitors are trying to watch different videos in different languages which are not allowed in their own country, so this olpair is giving the best service by providing at least four hours service.

The critics are saying that “if the olpair user is using the IP vanish, they no need to worry about their IP address detection by the Kodi developers because this VPN will protect your Olpair device IP address for a long period”

Final Words About Pair:

From this open load pair server, you will be in the safe zone to watch your favorite videos by pairing your IP address to this openload. But the one disadvantage in using the openload pair is pairing your IP address for every four hours.

Except this, you have no problem with this. We have discussed all the relevant matter about How to Error and Open load pair Kodi Fix. If you have are satisfying with this article to share your experience through the comment box to let our followers know about your success. We will update frequently about the olpair so try to stay on our website.