Here authorization means stream authorization which occurs when the user trying to watch a movie or any video through the kodi add-on. Whenever you getting these kinds of issue, you have to disable that authorization pop up. If you failed to disable the authorization you would never ever watch your wishing videos on your kodi.

Today we are giving the instructions for how to disable the authorization on kodi addons. This guide is more helpful to those who are using kodi and getting this issue. So let me give a solution to this issue and then watch our favourite videos without getting any interruptions.

How To Disable Authorization(Stream) On Kodi

There are few and effective steps. We are going to tell you those aspects. They will give you the better service and you will not get any kind of interruptions permanently after getting this procedure to your kodi.

  1. First of all, start your “Kodi”
  2. Once enter the kodi home screen you have to select the “System”
  3. Now you must choose “Addons”
  4. Find “System” and “Click” on it
  5. Select “Dependencies” option
  6. Now click on “URL resolver”
  7. Select “Configure” option
  8. Now “Resolver 2” will appear just click on it
  9. “Enabled” and “Automatically Update Resolver” options would appear to you, you must “Disable” them

That’s it from now on wards your kodi has ready to give your favourite content through the addons. If you are getting again authorization issues you have to check the procedure that you followed correct steps or not. If not you must follow them once again.

What Is Authorization On Kodi

Actually, stream authorization is a pop up which comes when the user wants to watch a movie on kodi. When the user selected his favourite content on kodi by using any addon, the user will not get the video what he wants to watch on kodi. He would get different pop-ups and the pop up is to play this video stream authorization needed. So you have to disable that stream authorization.

We have given all the steps on how to disable the authorization on kodi. Once try this method and solve this authorization required issue.


This is the article which is giving you the information of how to disable authorization on kodi. We tried our level best, so use this article if your kodi getting the above discussed issue. We are contributing our service in giving the solutions for the olpair and other servers issues.