URL resolver is a well working tool behind of your kodi. This URL resolver will help you in preventing some interruptions which occur because of the wrong URL addresses and other common mistakes of the user. In this article, we are going to give you an information not only about the URL resolver but also about the olpair.

By using the URL resolver you can fix olpair on your kodi. So let me tell you the topics which we are going to cover in this article. In this tutorial we are including how to fix olpair by using URL resolver, and why do we get olpair error & why do we need it. So just follow our tutorial to get rid of all olpair errors and from other interruptions.

How Do I Fix Olpair By Using URL Resolver

The olpair is an interrupting server which does not allow you to watch your favourite movies or any other videos on your kodi. Now I would like to share my personal thoughts which I have with olpair and also am going to show you how to fix olpair with using URL resolver. So let us begin the tutorial to get rid of this olpair error.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software” on your device
  2. From the “Kodi Home Screen’, you have to select “Addons
  3. Now “Package Installer” icon would appear top left side of your kodi home screen
  4. Select “Install From zip file
  5. Now select “Script.module.urlresolver-x.y.z.zip”
  6. Now “URL resolver’ has started its installation procedure
  7. Now come back to your “Kodi Home Screen”
  8. Now “Gear” icon would appear top left side of your screen, so select that
  9. Now select “System Settings
  10. Now you will get “Basic” option but you need to change that option to ‘Advanced or Standard
  11. Then click on “Addons” and select “Manage Dependencies” which lies right side of addons option
  12. Now “URL Resolver” would appear to you so click on it
  13. Finally, click on “Update” then it will start its updating procedure.

That’s it from now on wards your kodi will not allow any interruptions from any other servers issues such as olpair and other pairing procedures. If you don’t have URL resolver on your kodi just follow the above the steps and get the URL resolver and fix olpair by using this URL resolver procedure.

Why Does Kodi Need URL Resolver To Fix The Olpair

URL resolver can resolve all kind of issues which are coming with the URL issues and other background issues of the kodi. So, once you installed this URL resolver on your kodi you would get all kind of advantages from the URL resolver team.

This is the brief topic about the URL resolver and you can ask us any kind of doubts about the olpair kodi and also about the URL resolver. So feel free to share your doubts with us. If we receive your doubts which you share your thoughts through the comment section, we will share the answer to you when we get the perfect and genuine answer from our group or from our own or personal experience.