Hello to everybody are you getting interruptions through the different pop-ups and are you feeling those are unwanted pop-ups. Then why late just come with us. In this article, we are going to tell you how to fix different types of unwanted popups. Mostly unwanted pop-ups would appear on your screen while you are trying to watch a movie or any kind of videos on your kodi software.

Actually, how would you get these popups on your kodi means, Most of the online users are watching their favorite videos on the kodi software, because of that huge traffic, it will not give the proper content to the users. Mostly it is giving the popups messages. So how to fix those unwanted pop up on kodi. Have you interested in this, then why late just come with us and know what is what.

How to Fix unwanted pop up on kodi

In this article, we are giving the solution about one of the frequent popups related to openload.co/pair. So use this opportunity to fix that pop up on your kodi. The popup name is “Stream Authorization”. So let us start the tutorial.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”
  2. Try to watch a movie through the “Any one of your favourite video addons”
  3. Now your favourite video will deliver different “Servers list”
  4. From that servers list, you have to select “Olpir.com or olpair”
  5. Now try to watch a movie by using that “Server”
  6. Again you will get a pop up which says “Stream authorization required to play this video”
  7. For that, you need to go to “http://olpair.com” website
  8. This website will provide you with an “IP Address” for your device
  9. So use this “IP Address” to pair your device with the “Olpair
  10. That’s it you can use this service up to “Four Hours
  11. After four hours you have to get a new “IP Address” and you have to pair it with next four hours service.

We have discussed one of the most irritating pop up on your kodi. If you once use the above-discussed steps you will not get this pop up after four hours.