Before we are going to start our tutorial we have to know what is open load server. So allow me to speak something about the open load sever. Open load server which comes when you are trying to watch a movie or any kind of videos on your kodi. For instance, let me tell you my personal experience with the open load server.

Actually, when I was trying to watch a movie on my kodi software I got different servers list. Why does open load server list has come on my kodi, this doubt has come to mind and I got a solution from one of my friends. And he said the kodi software has huge followers and in nowadays it is unable to sustain that pressure that’s why the kodi developers introduced this openload server to avoid these interruptions.

Even after fixing the olpair on our kodi we are getting an https olpair com error. So now we are going to tell you about how do we get an olpair error on open load server. So follow me.

Why Do We Get Olpair Error On Open Load Server

Actually, when we try to watch a movie on our kodi software we got some servers issues. After getting the servers issues the following results will be appearing on your kodi software.

  1. Launch your “Kodi
  2. Select any “Movie or any video” from your favourite video addon
  3. Now you will get different servers list from them you have to select “Open Load” server
  4. Now try to watch a movie from that openload server. But you will get “olpair error
  5. To avoid this error you have to use “Stream authorization to this olpair
  6. Then only you will get the perfect video without getting the ‘olpair error issue“.

These are the aspects you must follow whenever you are getting the olpair error on the openload server.