Hello, viewers, are you enjoying your favourite videos which are delivering by the Kodi through the different add-ons. Then just follow my words and implement them on your Kodi add-ons. Basically, the Kodi software has much following from the different add-ons which are using by the different users from various parts of the world. So in nowadays, the Kodi add-ons do not deliver the videos without interrupting the connection and other issues. This problem is arising only because of the traffic which means users of Kodi are more than the internet users. So developers of the Kodi and its add-ons are thinking to implement pairing of users device IP address with the http flashx pair IP address such as olpair streaming authorization and etc.. The flashx pair was introduced mainly to avoid this problem and to deliver videos in a smooth way. To use this service the user should follow the below procedure according to the developers.

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What is https://flashx.tv/pair And flashx.cc/pair Kodi Error

Actually, the flashx.cc/pair kodi error will come when you are trying to watch a movie or in the middle of the movie/video. This error can be called as stream authorization error. We should prevent this problem to watch your favourite videos on your Kodi add-on without any issues. So we are going to learn about how to fix flashx.tv pair kodi stream authorization error on your Kodi. Just follow the below instructions and watch your favourite videos in a safe mode.

Guide To Fix https://flashx.tv/ pair Stream Authorization Error on Kodi 17

Are you getting any kind of interruptions while watching your favourite movies through the different add-ons of Kodi 17? It might be a stream authorization issue. If correct just follow my steps which are provided below. The steps will not allow any interruptions to your Kodi add-ons in delivering the videos.

  1. First of all, you have to start a movie on your Kodi at that time by default a pop will come
  2. You should click on that pop-up and It would take few seconds to “load the servers”
  3. After spending some time your add-on will show you a list of servers, from those servers you have to select “http flashx pair’ server.
  4. After selecting the http flashx pair” you get error which says stream authorization needed .
  5. That means you should get the stream authorization to eradicate this issue. For that, you have to follow the below link and get a solution
  6. To find the stream authorization you have to approach the following link
  7. The link is https:// www.flashx .tv/pair ing.php
  8. From the above-mentioned link, once opned that link then sign up or login with your details.
  9. There you need to provide Name,email and password.
  10. After sign done. there you can see “pair” click that and pair it. This pair will stay up to four hours. After four hours you should pair your device and flashx site each other by using their IP address.

So all the Kodi add-on users! you should follow this method for every four hours to enjoy all your favourite videos through the different add-ons of Kodi software.

The second Method To Fix flashx.tv pair kodi/ Kodi Stream Authorization Error

We providing an alternate method to fix flashx.tv pair Kodi/Kodi stream authorization error. If you unsatisfied with the first method you can use the second method to fix stream authorization error. The steps are as follows

  • Launch the Kodi software from there go to add-ons list
  • From there you need to select video add ons
  • We recommend select exodus add-on
  • From that add-on select settings option and then go for playback
  • Now Hosters With Captchas option will come. You must keep it in turn off position only
  • Select OK to finish the process

Maybe you felt happy to learn two methods simultaneously to fix the stream authorization on Kodi. We got so many responses those who are getting their favourite videos through the Kodi from various add-ons. You also can enjoy your favourite videos from now.

How to remove Flashx provider from Kodi

Here I am showing how to remove flashx from your kodi application. So, to know the procedure to do that, you must follow below steps and do it as it is.

  1. First of all Open your kodi
  2. Then go to “Video Addon” and Right Click on any addon
  3. after that choose “Settings” and then go to “Configure”
  4. Then select “Provider” option, there you can see the list of providers.
  5. From that list “Untick” “ON-SERIES” option
  6. Done. Now you can test you kodi. for flashx removed or not.

How Do We Get flashx.tv Pair Stream Authorization Error?

Whenever your friends or any other persons are irritating you often at that time what will you do? You might get stuck for some time. The problem is occurring to the Kodi and its famous add-ons now. When you are watching a movie or another video you will suddenly get an error or the video will be stopped without user permission. To solve this problem the developers are introducing flashx.tv pair. To fix this on your Kodi add-ons you have to pair your device IP address with the flashx IP address. The total process and its advantages were discussed in the above two methods so go there and collect more information about it.