Hello, friends today I am talking about the tvad .me/pair. Before I am going to talk tvad.me let me tell you why I am talking about this topic now. One of my friends was addicted to watching his favourite movies on his kodi software using different video addons. But he suddenly got some interruption while he was loading his favourite video on his kodi. And he approached me and started to say about his issue “while he was watching a movie on his kodi suddenly the video has stopped and shown some list”

Later I explained him “On that list, you must have seen a https://tvad.me/pair and also vidup.me/pair. You have to select that. After selecting the TV.me pair you will get a pop-up which says stream authorization required”.

Now we are going to talk about how to fix stream authorization and why does it necessary to pair with device IP. Let me begin our today’s tutorial.

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tvad.me/ Pair Fixing Three Methods

  1. Stream Authorization
  2. URL Resolver
  3. “Hosters With Captchas”

1) Tvad.me/pair With Stream Authorization & IP address

The stream authorization can be error can be solved from the below-provided steps so just follow them. From that steps, you can get procedure to fix stream authorization

1). Start your “Kodi”

2). Start a movie through your “Addon”

3). Now your kodi will deliver some “Servers List”

4). Select “TVad.me/Pair”

5). “Stream Authorization Needed” notification will come

6). Open a browser and type “https://tvad.me/pair” address

7). “I am Not A Robot” will come just give a tick in its box and also “Solve The Captcha” Now an “IP Address” will come

8). Now you can see a “Pair” option just “Click” on that Pair

9). Now the “Pairing Successful” notification will come that means you can enjoy four hours streaming

With this process, you may not get any kind of issues with the stream authorization required. This can stream your favourite videos up to four hours. Hope you guys are got my tutorial and can enjoy your favourite video streaming from your kodi addons.

Note: We can apply the same method for https://thevideo.ch/pair, thevidup.me/pair, vidup.me/pair and also other streaming authorization errors. All we need to do is open that given URL and pair it by using any of your browser using any device.

 2) Tvad.me/pair with URL Resolver

From the URL resolver also we will get a solution to avoid so many interruptions on our kodi. So just try this method to enjoy your selected videos on your kodi by using some famous addons.

  1. Start your “Kodi”
  2. Chose “Settings”
  3. Click on the “System Settings”
  4. Here if you had “Settings Mode” then just change it to “Expert Mode”
  5. Select “Addons”
  6. Now chose“Manage Dependency”
  7. Search for “URL Resolver” and chose “Information Page” after that select “Configure”
  8. From the “Resolvers List” search for “tvad.me/pair”
  9. Now disable your “TVad.me Resolver”
  10. Finally, Click on “OK” to confirm

From the URL resolver, you will solve your problem which you are getting servers list issue on your kodi. So just follow the above steps and get your videos back without any issues.

3) Tvad.me/pair With Hosters With Captchas

In this method, we are going to disable the option which we can call as “Hosters With Captchas”. So follow the below steps and get rid of some interruptions of servers list.

  1. Start your “Kodi”
  2. Chose “Addons”
  3. Click on the “Video Addons”
  4. Select “Exodus” addon and “Click” to open it
  5. From that addon select “Settings” Option
  6. Just go to “Playback”
  7. Now “Turn Off” the “Hosters With Captchas” option
  8. Click on “OK”

To solve the issue of the TVad.me pair you have to turn off the hosters with captchas option in your kodi. For that, we mentioned the procedure from the above aspects. You can solve this issue from following by the above method.

TVad.me/Pair Kodi Error

This means when you trying to watch a movie on your kodi latest version through the different video addons you will get a list. This interruption can be occurred due to the TVad.me error. To solve this error you need to pair your device IP address with the TVad.me IP address.

To know the process to pair your device IP address with the TVad.me pair IP address you have to follow the below steps. That steps included all the information about the pairing system. So just follow them and enjoy your favourite videos.

Fix TVad.me/Pair On Kodi And https://vidup.me/pair

Now I am going to say about how to fix TVad.me/ pair on your kodi and its usage for every four hours. For that, you have to look at the below aspects and learn about pairing procedure.

  1. When we are watching a movie using our favourite addon (Exodus) on kodi software we will get some list after few seconds from starting
  2. After few seconds you will get a list, on that list you can see TVad.me streaming link. You should select that
  3. You will get a pop up for TV.adme pair. This will occur after clicking on the TVad.me streaming link
  4. Open a browser now and give https://tvad.me/pair or https://vidup.me/pair address and select activate streaming option
  5. From completion of activating streaming process, you can use this streaming up to four hours from TVad.me/pair

So from now onwards you will not get any stream authorization error or any pairing issues up to four hours. But after four hours you have to follow that process. This should be done for every four hours.

TVad.me Stream Authorization Required

All the movies which are delivering by the kodi are hosted by some servers. So the capacity of the kodi videos has limited for some users. When the users have come more than its capacity it cannot deliver videos in a proper way it will interrupt you all the time. To avoid this problem the kodi developers introduced stream authorization.

The stream authorization will come whenever you trying to watch a movie on your kodi, it will not deliver your video it would deliver some list. From that list, you have to select tvad.me and then you need to pair your device IP address with TVad.me pair. In this process, you will get stream authorization required. To avoid this you have to activate streaming option.

That’s it this is why should we activate stream authorization required. This activation is valid up to four hours after four hours you have to do it again for four hours streaming.

How Would Us Know About Pair Again With Our Device

It is very simple to know about pairing with your device IP with the TVad.me IP again. After pairing your IP address with the TVad.me you can enjoy your favourite videos up to four hours. But after fours how do we know about pairing is needed.

It means, after completion of four hours your video will interrupt you again. It is indicated to pair your device IP address again. So without having any doubts in your mind, you should attach your IP address again. This procedure should be done after every four hours.

Final Words:

We glad to inform you about the TVad.me pairing system and its advantages to using it. From the above procedures, you will pair your device with the TVad.me, so just follow them and avoid the servers list while watching your favourite videos on your kodi addon.

We hope this article will help you a lot. If you unable to understand this you can ask your doubt and also you can express your feelings on our valuable article through the comment box. For more updates visit our website eventually.